PRIMIANO  &  PAOLA

A  good  looking  and  great 
sounding  " Italian duo "

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          C.V.   Presentation   letter          Jazz  &  Standard  repertoire
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Primiano & Paola  
know  very  well  all  the  secrets to  give  you wonderful  moments !
They are right  for  the  success  of  any  kind  of  entertainment 
thanks  to  their  wide and  international  repertoire.
  Their  passion  for  the  music   creates    a nice feeling  with  the  guests,
and  their  great  professionalism 
and  long exsperience  are a
promise  for  an  higher
 perfomance !




With  our  professionalism   we  guarantee
atmosphere  and  music  of  quality!

Waiting for your answer, these are our numbers:

Mob.       +39.348.6620614
Mob.       +39.334.3523828

See you  soon !!!

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